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The Bible School Box Sets 2001 to 2016

Roger Forster
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Over the past 15 years Roger Forster has been giving exstensive teaching from various books of the Bible.
This is now available as the BOX SETS Series with 10 books from the Old Testament and 3 from the New Testament.
All the BOX SETS of recorded teaching from Bible School 2001 to 2016 by Roger Forster 
Exodus, The Levitical Sacrifices, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Nahum, Hebrews, Revelation, Zephaniah, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, also the Bible Meta-Narrative, and the teaching sessions on :- Atonement, Predestination, Trinity, The Daniel Prophecies, Begetting - Adoption - Anointing
Hermeneutics and Genesis Chapter 1. Over 150 recorded sessions in MP3 format with accompaning file notes (where available) all on ONE USB memory stick for you to listen to, you can download them to your computer or an MP3 device.
They come in an A5 ployfile wallet were you can keep any written notes

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