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This Good News – Live at Revive 2013

Price now: £10.00
Live worship from Revive 2013.
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A Gospel Christmas by The Ichthus Gospel Choir
Not rated.
Price now: £10.00
Recorded at Revive 2013, featuring classic Christmas carols (and a couple of new songs) sung by the Ichthus Gospel Choir.

God’s Strategy in Human History, Volumes 1 and 2 by Roger Forster and Paul Marston
Not rated.
Price now: £16.00
Recommended Retail Price: £17.00
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In volume one we explore what the Bible says about how God is working in human history. We look at the conflict between good and evil and at how your personal relationship with God fits into his bigger strategy of bringing in the Kingdom. Volume two builds on and reinforces a number of the key concepts in volume one. We show how many of the traditionalist meanings given to them are based on imported human philosophy, and not first century understandings.

Invitation by Ben Trigg
Not rated.
Price now: £5.00
New 6 track album of new songs written by Ben - Introduction - You Are With Me - Invitation Song - Heavenly Father - Holy Overshadowing (witten by Ben Trigg & Graham Kendrick) - More Than Conquerers