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Suffering and the Love of God by Roger Forster
(1 review)
Price now: £6.99
Roger Forster tackles the controversial questions of why bad things happen to good people and how God can allow suffering.
Women and the Kingdom by Faith and Roger Forster
Price now: £6.99
The long-awaited book by Faith and Roger Forster tackling the role of women within the Kingdom of God.
The End of the Age 1: Signs of His Coming by Roger Forster
Price now: £1.49
From Revive 2011, the first session in the End of the Age seminar series.
Choices that Shape Your Destiny by Abi Willetts
Price now: £1.49
From Revive 2011's Soul and Body seminar stream, Abi Willetts asks how we can know God's will for our lives.
God's Strategy in Human History, Volume 2: Reconsidering Key Biblical Ideas by Roger Forster and Paul Marston
Price now: £10.00
A new, third edition, thoroughly revised and updated. This volume builds on and reinforces a number of the key concepts in volume one. It shows how many of the traditionalist meanings given to them are based on imported human philosophy, and not first century understandings.
The Power Gifts: Gifts of Healing, Working of Miracles and Special Faith by Jonathan Conrathe
Price now: £1.49
From Revive 2011's Spirit seminar stream, Jonathan Conrathe offers practical advice on praying for healing.