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Roger Forster
Price now: £7.00
What's all this business about the Trinity?

Roger Forster explores the powerful dynamism of the Trinity in his creative and incisive examination of our three-parts God. Vital for individual understanding and explaining Christianity to others, this is a must-read for Christians of any age.


'A treasure chest of theological gems, polished by Roger and arranged in dazzling settings of it's own. For Christians who struggle to with the doctrine of the Trinity as some kind of unsolvable mathematical conundrum, Roger breaks through this impasse by showing us that the Trinity is more like a community of love, where the unbroken relationships of Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist in an eternal divine dance. This book demonstrates that the Trinity is not a take-it-or-leave-it doctrine. It is at the very heart of our worship and theology.'

Canon Andrew Walker
King's College, London

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